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We are a primary mental health facility in beautiful San Diego

Psyclairty Health is a PHP IOP OP program that treats primary mental health and secondary substance abuse. Our approach is a combination of DBT, CBT, and living life on life’s terms. Our goal is to have all of our clients become well-adjusted back into the real world and become productive members of society.

Whether the end goal is for you to return home, or if it’s for you to live in supportive housing and relocate to San Diego, we strive to make everyone not only feel comfortable with transitioning to a new place but also to give them the tools necessary to face real-life challenges. We have partnered with supportive housing throughout the San Diego area to give you vetted options on the top support housing and sober living environments in San Diego.

Mental health center offering a wide range of services

At Psyclarity Health, we offer an evidence-based, proven treatment approach using research-driven treatment modalities that work.

At Psyclarity Health, our goal is to help people with mental health disorders in a supportive, caring environment. Our luxurious facility is home to some of the best mental health treatment professionals in San Diego, with a wide range of experiences and specialties. Through our clinical expertise, we aim to provide the very best in mental health counseling, therapy, and treatment methodologies to all our clients.

Diverse range of mental health care services

Our range of mental health treatment programs work together in order to create a multi-layered platform for healing. The goal is to give all patients the tools they need to manage their mental health disorder effectively and take control of their life. We know how complex mental health disorders are, and treat each patient individually with an integrated treatment plan that will achieve the most successful outcome possible.

Resources, Advice, and Hope

We don’t believe recovery ends when your addiction or substance abuse rehab program does. We understand that it is a long-term process that evolves with you as you grow. That is why we offer resources to support you along the way, whether you have completed a rehab program or are looking into it for yourself or a loved one.


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