adhd treatment san Diego

adhd treatment san Diego

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common neurological disorder that is considered a minor issue by many but in reality, it can affect a person’s quality of life adversely along with lack of focus, forgetfulness, and impulsive behavior.

The ADHD Treatment San Diego by Psyclarity Health provides a specialized diagnosis and treatment. Our aggregated approach consists of effective therapies and medications to help you regain control of your life. Keep reading to find out why our therapies and approach us better than the traditional method of shoving pills down the throat.

Diagnosis of ADHD:

Successful treatment requires understanding the level and severity of the condition primarily. Our ADHD clinic in San Diego CA conducts an inclusive assessment which may include neuropsychiatric tests and rating scales to analyze the condition.

Leaving the condition untreated in adolescence can cause severe behavioral issues in childhood leading to long-term personal issues, behavioral conditions, and even substance abuse in adulthood. Comprehending the type of ADHD for treatment is extremely crucial.

Treatment of ADHD:

After the diagnostic procedure is completed an individualized plan is formulated keeping in view to ease the situation and reduce the burden of the condition. Our ADHD treatment program consists of medications, social skills training, and psychosocial treatments.


We use stimulant and non-stimulant medications depending on the symptoms of the condition. Stimulants can provide smoother improvement. Some of the common stimulants include Desoxyn, Adderall, and Ritalin, etc. Whereas non-stimulant medications include Strattera, Pamelor and these medications are prescribed by our physicians after a thorough analysis of the condition and considering their side effects as well.

Therapeutic Treatment:

In our opinion, psychiatric counseling and therapies are the best way to control ADHD symptoms. Our extensive Behavior Therapy assist people to analyze their behaviors. We do this through constant feedback to help the patient understand the right way and attitude. Therapy and counseling let you see the patterns in your attitude and the ways to overcome them.

Our social skills training prepare the patient to adhere to social etiquette, helping them to have better social relationships. Whereas Parental skill training lets the parents of ADHD children learn the techniques and tools to deal with their child's behavior and mood swings.

The Non-medical ADHD treatment in San Diego is a practical and holistic approach to relieve ADHD symptoms. Where psychiatric medicines are quite helpful to deal with the symptoms but the blend of therapeutic techniques can create a huge difference in the progress. ADHD can badly damage your relationship with your spouse but our Counseling for ADHD can be extremely helpful to deal with the problem.

Get Professional Treatment Today!

The Psyclarity Health of San Diego ADHD treatment offers both a modern and holistic approach towards the condition. The expert clinicians at our facility deal with each client with a unique approach and effective treatment.

ADHD requires time and techniques but the progress is preeminent. Our well carved out plan and treatment programs can help you or anyone suffering from ADHD immensely. So improve your focus, and get the clarity and control back in life.

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adhd treatment san Diego
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