dual diagnosis residential treatment centers san Diego

dual diagnosis residential treatment centers san Diego

Over millions of people in America suffers from mental health disorders every year and the majority of them fail to get adequate treatment which leads them towards excessive usage of alcohol or drug. This correlation of mental health disorder and substance abuse refers to co-occurring disorders and needs dual diagnosis treatment.

The Psyclarity Health, dual diagnosis residential treatment centers, San Diego understands the complications of such matters and offers intensive treatment and care to address the root cause of the problem.

Our Approach for Dual Diagnosis

Our Dual diagnosis center in San Diego CA offers a wide variety of individualized treatment options to treat co-occurring disorders. As one plan cannot fit everyone we design our treatment plan based on each person's unique needs and condition. Here is an overview of our treatment plan and methodologies.

Integrated Treatment Programs

Your journey with us starts with a thorough screening and assessment process. This helps us to analyze the underlying mental disorders which might have resulted in substance abuse. For better and intensive treatment Residential dual diagnosis treatment in San Diego is suggested to the patients.

After a detailed examination, an effective plan of required treatment is formulated which includes needed therapies, counseling sessions, and medication. Our holistic approach and practical research-proven methods help us to manage the symptoms caused by mental health issues.

To deal with substance abuse, detoxification treatment is initiated which is monitored religiously at all times. All the stages of treatment are carefully monitored and extreme care and support are provided to each patient.

Insight of our Treatment Program:

Our San Diego dual diagnosis therapy aims at equipping the individuals to deal with their symptoms independently even when the care ends. We achieve this by implementing various therapeutic techniques along with medications and constant reassessing of symptoms and conditions. Some of the therapies we use are listed below:

  • Our Cognitive behavioral therapy evaluates the person's behavior and thoughts.
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy targets the personality disorder that creates a negative action approach in one’s mind such as suicide and self-harm etc.
  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy helps patients to combat the irrational feelings and thoughts that lead to distressing behavioral issues such as depression, anxiety, and addiction.
  • To help people stay motivated with their treatment we also arrange support groups and meetings with the co-occurring disorder survivors.

Extensive Support:

The Dual diagnosis counselors in San Diego California understand that support and care are needed at every step of the treatment. Therefore we make sure that you do not feel that you are alone in this battle. From detox to aftercare treatment we make sure that constant supervision is provided by our expert physicians and therapists.

Finding the Best Care:

No matter how complicated and painful your condition is, treatment and betterment are possible with Psyclarity Health San Diego. Our Inpatient dual diagnosis treatments are designed to treat even the multiple overlapping conditions as well.

The extensive treatment plans and continuous supervision ensure the best results and positive change. Tour our facility or verify your insurance today at https://psyclarityhealthsd.com/facility/

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dual diagnosis residential treatment centers san Diego
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dual diagnosis residential treatment centers san Diego
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