dual diagnosis treatment centers san Diego

dual diagnosis treatment centers san Diego

Co-occurring disorders are becoming more common around the states of America. With the disorder on a constant rise, people turn to dual diagnosis to help them attain their goals of recovery and lead a mentally healthy life.

Dual Diagnosis Center In San Diego, CA

Treating substance abuse is very time-consuming, and when a person has severe mental issues, carrying out a treatment program becomes difficult. Mental disorders and substance abuse go side by side, and one condition worsens the symptoms of the other.

Psyclarity Health San Diego is focused on providing productive strategies to give you a healthy state of mind along with a drug-free life. From our highly accommodated facility to the wide range of treatments that we offer, you can enjoy a swift transition towards a healthy life.

About Our Facility:

We are located at a central location in San Diego. Our facility is both comfortable and offers all the basic facilities to make your stay with us a pleasing experience. You can be a part of our residential dual diagnosis treatment San Diego program and live in a home-like environment for quick recovery. Here our therapists and psychiatrists will help you overcome the co-occurring disorder to improve the condition of your life.

Our Therapist Team:

Our team has some of the well qualified therapists that can guide you on how to control mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. We also help you in fighting withdrawal symptoms and start a life without drugs or alcohol. Being well-known dual diagnosis counselors in San Diego, CA, our team will give you the best piece of advice along with planning out an effective treatment plan to improve your mental and physical health.

Amenities We Offer:

Besides, giving our clients the best path towards recovery. To ensure your holistic healing, we combine traditional methods with exercises, yoga, meditation, and much more. With our dual diagnosis treatment centers, San Diego being exceptional for its top-notch care, our unique approach for treating co-occurring disorders sets us apart from others.

Therapies Involved In Co-occurring Disorder:

To yield a positive outcome from San Diego dual diagnosis therapy, we combined a range of different therapies to make it work out. Our dual diagnosis includes Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, holistic treatment, and Family Therapy to help you achieve sobriety.

Our CBT allows our patients to improve their thoughts and unravel their inner emotions causing them a sense of fear, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and other mental issues.

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy induces positive thinking by removing negative thoughts from the mind. This way the patient is capable of changing their beliefs and also erases negativity.

Moreover, by allowing our clients to be our guests at the inpatient dual diagnosis treatment center in San Diego, we keep them under the care of professional therapists who are ready to help them whenever negativity crosses their minds.

Get Help For Dual Diagnosis!

If your loved one, a friend, or family member is dependent on drugs and alcohol, the withdrawal seems hard for him/her to handle, then maybe there is an underlying mental disorder that needs attention. Then reaching out to Psyclarity Health San Diego is here to help you out.

Tour our facility or verify your insurance now at https://psyclarityhealthsd.com/facility/


dual diagnosis treatment centers san Diego
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dual diagnosis treatment centers san Diego
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