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Outpatient Pasadena

Outpatient Pasadena

Outpatient substance abuse treatment is a great option for people who have a manageable addiction and can pursue their daily routine while under treatment. At Pax House Recovery, you can choose between inpatient or outpatient in Pasadena, depending on your needs and preferences.

What is substance addiction?

Substance addiction or Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) frequently refer to the abuse of alcohol or drugs. A person’s consumption of the substance starts as a voluntary habit and eventually spirals out of control to become a compulsion. They feel like their bodies can’t function without it, often leading to withdrawal symptoms if they don’t use it.

It’s easy to think that substance addiction is purely psychological and arrives as the result of a lack of willpower or motivation, but the story is more complicated. Prolonged substance abuse leads to chemical changes in the brain, and eventually becomes chemically dependent on the substance. With every dose of the substance, the brain will release a neurotransmitter called dopamine, which causes a pleasurable ‘high,’ and over time the dosage required for that pleasure becomes more and more.

After some time, the pleasurable highs will lead the victim to keep increasing their dosage while being numb to the physical harms of the substance. Untreated drug and alcohol abuse can permanently damage vital organs like the brain and liver, even causing death in severe cases.

How do I choose a good rehab facility?

The first thing you need to consider is the quality of treatment. Are the treatment programs licensed and accredited by reputed medical organizations?

A good rehab center will also provide a range of treatment options. We offer treatment choices for inpatient and outpatient in Pasadena that’s accredited by the California Department of Health Care Services and the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

Steps in treating substance abuse

SUD treatment starts with detoxification, during which our goal is to remove the substance from the patient’s system. During this time, they will need medical and psychiatric assistance in tackling withdrawal symptoms. A lot of rehab centers require patients to be fully detoxed before admission, while others will incorporate detoxing into their programs.

In most SUD cases, the root cause was psychological issues in the patient. They would have had to deal with some kind of pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, or grief, and they used alcohol or drugs to numb that pain. So, most treatment programs will integrate intensive therapy to help them through harmful psychological problems and identify triggers that led to their SUD.

Successful treatment entails various kinds of therapy, such as individual, group, and family therapy. Individual therapy uses techniques like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to deal with problems unique to each patient, while group counseling connects patients with others on the same boat to build a strong peer support network.

Whether you’re looking for treatment options such as inpatient or outpatient in Pasadena, Pax House Recovery offers comprehensive addiction treatment programs that are accredited by the California Department of Health Care Services. We can't wait to meet you today and get you ready for a new chapter in your life!

Outpatient Pasadena