san Diego treatment centers

san Diego treatment centers

San Diego Treatment Centers


If you are looking for substance abuse rehab in San Diego, you might have a hard time choosing one because of the plethora of options in the region. That said, here are some of the top treatment centers in the San Diego area.

Restore Health & Wellness Center

This two mansion,65-bed facility offers scenic views and privacy in a luxury setting. Their clients get to enjoy amenities like swimming pools, tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts, and an outdoor kitchen with an on-site chef. They provide treatment for Adult women, Court referrals, Military families, Past domestic violence, Past sexual abuse, Past trauma, HIV/AIDS, Pregnant/postpartum, Seniors, Veterans, Persons with co-occurring mental and substance use disorders, and LGBTQ clients.

All Points North Lodge

This mental health treatment center in San Diego offers quality comprehensive wellness and personal development. It is located just outside of Vail, CO, and offers services focused on the family and trauma emphasis. We cater to pregnant/postpartum women and veterans.  

Buena Vista Health & Recovery Centers

This facility has a team of experienced and well-certified professionals who provide 24-hour medically supervised withdrawal, detoxification and stabilization services. Their treatment is based on a proven program and is also customer-oriented. They cater to  Adult men, Court referrals, Past sexual abuse, Past trauma, HIV/AIDS, Seniors, Young adults, Veterans, Persons with co-occurring mental and substance use disorders, and LGBTQ clients.

UC San Diego Health Eating Disorders Center for Treatment and Research

UC San Diego Health Eating Disorders Center is a university-based, non-profit Center of Excellence. It is one of the leading eating disorder centers in San Diego. They aim to improve the lives of those with eating disorders through the creation, dissemination, and practice of cost-effective, evidence-based treatment.

Psyclarity Health

Psyclarity Health is a primary mental health facility in beautiful San Diego dedicated to providing treatment for primary mental health and secondary substance abuse so that their clients can become productive members of society.

They aim to achieve this by providing clinical expertise and a range of experiences and specialties to produce the very best in mental health counseling, therapy, and treatment methodologies. They also treat each patient individually with an integrated treatment plan to achieve the most successful outcome possible.

Clients who opt for support enjoy a luxurious facility with some best mental health treatment professionals in San Diego, including leading San Diego OCD therapists.

The best part of their services is that they offer resources to support their clients along the path of recovery.

Why not come for a facility tour today?

At Psyclarity Health, we take pride in being one of the preeminent addiction treatment centers in San Diego. We offer a serene and conducive facility that allows our patients to focus on overcoming their addiction and developing healthy coping skills. Our team of experienced staff also knows what it takes to help people struggling with addiction and would go any length to make sure our patients get better on time. Importantly, we employ a family-focused approach and try to carry everyone along on our patients’ journey towards sobriety. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Come for a facility tour today, or call our helpdesk to verify your insurance.


san Diego treatment centers
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san Diego treatment centers
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