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What Type Of Dentist Does Implants

What Type Of Dentist Does Implants

What type of dentist does implants?

Dental implants have emerged as a reasonably popular intervention in this age. With implants, people who lost a tooth or some teeth to infections, trauma, or any other cause, can quickly regain their teeth alongside its full functionality. Their durability and longevity make them a better option than alternatives like dentures. A lot of people know about the superiority of dental implants over other options. However, what many are still not clear about is ‘ what type of dentist does implants?’ Here is everything you need to know about the kinds of dentist that may work with you during your implant surgery:

What dentist does implants?

General dentists

Not so long ago, general dentists were mandated to coordinate with the dental professional that would be in charge of implant surgery. They may provide the diagnosis, refer, and handle the restoration of the dental implant as well as other aspects of aftercare. However, they are not the type of dentist that does implants. This is because their training and practice primarily involve working on the teeth, but the dental surgeon is better equipped to understand the areas surrounding the teeth.

These days, however, dental implants have become a common procedure, and a lot of general dentists have acquired the knowledge and experience needed to handle implant surgery. It is not uncommon to find general dentists handling implant surgeries, and they also do an excellent job of it. However, you should know that your long-term dental health is your dentist’s primary concern. If they feel the need to refer you to a dental surgeon, it doesn’t mean they are incompetent. They only took the decision after carefully considering the peculiarities of your case.

Dental surgeons and oral surgeons

Perhaps, the most appropriate answer for the what kind of dentist does implants question is dental surgeons. These professionals have an in-depth knowledge of the teeth as well as the surrounding areas. They are trained to perform all kinds of surgeries on the teeth and jaw, and they are in the best position to handle your dental implant surgery.

Visiting an oral surgeon guarantees you’re in the hands of a provider with the highest level of dental surgery expertise. Furthermore, if your case warrants having a bone graft before the surgery, only a dental surgeon has the knowledge and training to handle it.


Another kind of dentist that may handle your implant surgery either alone or alongside your general dentist is a prosthodontist. Prosthodontists have extra training in prosthetics, and they specialize in teeth replacement or restoration through veneers, bridges, crowns, dentures, and other methods. Some of them further their training to cover placing dental implants.


Sometimes, periodontists may be the answer to your what type of dentist does implants question. Periodontists specialize in treating the structures supporting the teeth, especially the gums. However, some of them may be adequately trained and qualified to carry implant surgeries.

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What Type Of Dentist Does Implants
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